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57 Seat Coach Hire Ipswich

57 Seat Ipswich Coach Hire

Ipswich is an incredible destination for a holiday. It has a rich history and different ethnic groups that coexists to make a beautiful culture. The city has various monumental sites and pays significant attention to education which is evident by the number of universities and colleges found there.

Our 57 seat coach hire units provide among other services, school transport. We have over the years gained considerable our client base, thanks to the satisfied customer. A preview of our page will give you an insight into our services. Our teamwork ensures that all our clients are happy. Immediately after admission, all new staff from all departments undergo an intensive customer care training session. We also pay attention to personality traits and general soft skills during recruitment. You will notice that our services are consistent right from the reception at the client care desk all through to the field.

For any unit to be ready for hire, it has to be in the best condition. We have a qualified team of technicians The coaches undergo numerous checks. Our skilled and experienced technical team carries out timely regular service on all vehicles. We adhere to the safety standards set by the government and other regulatory bodies hence registered with all relevant authorities to that effect. The insurance policy we have is comprehensive; hence you are covered.

We at Coach Hire Ipswich, go an extra mile to provide our clients maximum comfort. You will love road trips if you choose us. Our buses come with all extras to make it easier. Look at the reclining leather seats! They are made to accommodate different sitting angles. The rolling roof can glide to allow for fresh air or give you better view. You can catch a better view as you travel. Our coach hire windows are big enough, and the interior is well lit and spacious. All carriers have large seats that are big and accommodate car seat comfortably.

Our entertainment equipment emits quality sound. As music refreshes your soul, you can treat yourself to a cold drink on the hot summer. During winter, we have hot beverages and well-studded tires to brave the snow. We are always ready for all seasons. As a security measure, we have all units fitted with GPS tracking devices. You are always on our radar and we will get you help in the shortest time possible if the need arises.

When seeking for some time away, consider self-drive. Our units have communication gadgets that enable you to reach out in case there is a need. You can use the GPS to help you get directions if you are not very familiar with Ipswich. The main requirement needed is for you to proof that you can drive and authorization from the relevant authorities. Otherwise seat back and let us do what we do best.

Schools prefer Coach Hire Ipswich for the baby friendly members of staff and all long the journey. We have car boosters in case you wish to use them, let us now in advance.

All our vehicles stand out as they are in immaculate condition. Check our price list. You will notice that we are the cheapest in the industry, yet our prices are the best. Share your itinerary, and we will make your trip as seamless as possible.

We have distributed our services conveniently throughout Ipswich, and beyond. When you contact us, we will get you the nearest unit to come for you. Whether, on short or enough notice. If you are not familiar with the services and you are unable to settle for one, we will help you through the process.