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Coach Hire Ipswich

Ipswich is located conveniently on the national road network an hour from the sea and international airports. From Ipswich, it will take you just one hour on the road to Gold Coast and about forty minutes drive to Brisbane. Its population 200000 people speak 84 languages and are from 115 ethnic groups. It has a rich history as Queensland's oldest provincial city and has over 6000 heritage sites that are listed. Education plays a significant role in Ipswich economy with two universities and some private and state owned schools.

Ipswich Coach Hire

A well planned and supposedly exciting trip to this historic venue can be ruined by a simple oversight like picking the right transport company. Coach Hire Ipswich is a trusted name in the transportation industry. We provide outstanding coach hire services at very friendly rates. You will be awed by the pleasant personality of our staff members. When recruiting, we pay attention to the soft skills as well as professional and academic qualifications. Once we have the best candidates on board, further training in customer service is mandatory as part of the induction. Our clients come first, and we are keen on offering consistent services. The results of our consistency and outstanding services is a trail of happy clients. Have a look at our client review and get a glimpse of what to expect.

Experienced Coach Drivers

Drivers play a crucial role in this industry. We handpick our drivers. They have a vast experience in the field and have undergone training on defensive driving, general first aid, and have a basic mechanical knowledge. Given that all of them are locals, you will not only be educated about the area, but they will get you to your destination in the shortest time possible. Dealing with a coachload comes with significant challenges given the excitement and numbers involved. Our crew has displayed excellent people management skills on all occasions.

We are keen on your comfort. It is evident from the interior of the coaches. The doorway is generous, and you do not have to squeeze your way. The interior space will enable you to walk, stretch and sit with ease throughout the journey. We also have units that are made to accommodate equipment like wheelchairs, baby prams among others. At the point of booking, let us know if you have any special needs. We stretch to ensure that we meet your needs.

Airport Transfers

Depending on your itinerary, it is our aim to offer convenience. We provide airport transfers where we pick you from the airport. You will never have to wait for a second for our buses. Regardless of the flight schedule changes, you will find our team waiting. We have state of the art communication gadgets that enable us to track the progress of the plane.

You will get door to door services. We organise quick pick ups and drop offs as per your schedule. When attending a conference, you need to be there on time always. Our company is the ultimate stop for your movement solutions. If your trips are frequent, we can organize and give you incredible corporate rates. It does not end there; we will help you get the right accommodation and conference venues if you allow us. The complimentary services come at no extra fee. This is possible as we have an excellent relationship with our counterparts in the industry.

Our services aside, you will enjoy the rates. Who would not want to save an extra coin? Check with our competitors and see the difference in the rates. Coach Hire Ipswich takes every need represented by our client into account. We are the town's leading transport company. Get a preview of our offers and contact us.

Minibus Hire

From the moment you land at the airport, you will find our driver waiting for you ready to take you to the next destination. Our drivers are friendly and patient. They wait you clear and check out together with luggage. In the case of delayed flights, the driver waits until you arrive. Our service onboard is no different from the aircraft, we serve you with a hot or a cold refreshment and let you listen to music of your choice during the journey to the hotel. If you choose to sit back and relax, the reclining seats with head and arm rest translate your travel into comfort.

Minibuses For Small Groups

Our minibus is ideal for a small and medium number of passengers. They hold a capacity of 12 to 25 persons which makes them perfect for business travelers, air transfers, and much more. All fleet come with overhead storage space for delicate items and rear luggage space for big suitcases and bags. Company managers attending training for several days in a different organisation go for our minibus. The fleet allows the group cut down on personal traveling costs by splitting the charges and travel in a single fleet. The managers get time to bond and discuss business matters as a team during the journey. During the training days, the driver picks up the team and takes them back to the office on time.

Driving To Tourist Attractions

A small group of new tourist visiting the town first time love the minibus service. The seating layout is beautiful and very comfortable which allows the visitors take excellent photos straight from the seats. Also, the power sockets enable passengers to charge their phones, tablets, and cameras. For extended trips outside the city, we provide a tour guide to accompany the group for advice on the best tourist's destinations to visit. With over 5 years in the industry, we have an excellent relationship with the hospitality organizations. It enables us to recommend some of the clients with no idea on the best places to spend, to some of the best hotels and motels in Ipswich.

We have a professional customer care service working on a 24 hour time giving advice on the best packages to go for and answering all your questions. The team assists in booking procedures, and they always explain step by step all details entailed in our quotations. We are very flexible to all our customers who intend to make changes to their package. To effect such amendments, you only need to write us or call us on the phone and make the changes immediately to suit your schedule. The team executes customer service with professionalism making you feel like a VIP. Also, all our drivers are qualified, and they hold relevant documents required by the Law. They are very polite to other roads user, and they adhere to the traffic rules during the journey.

Fully Maintained Vehicles

We care about client's safety during their travel. On a regular basis, we run service on all the vehicles conducted by a team of professional mechanics in our garage. We have a child lock system for families traveling with the little ones and safety belts for adults. Also, at the end of the day, every single minibus coming back from a trip is thoroughly cleaned for the following day travel. The company has insurance cover policies for all vehicles and clearance certificate from the Motor Inspection Board. To show our gratitude, we offer a 5% discount rate to all customers with a return trip to the airport. At Coach Hire Ipswich, we value your feedback. Let us know your travel experience with our minibus. Thank you for choosing our service.

Our Ipswich Services

Ipswich, which covers 1090 square kilometers conveniently located south east of Queensland in the Australian region. The multicultural city is friendly, warm and safe, with a population of 200,000. Ipswich is not only a great place to live, but makes a unique destination for holiday, work, and presents lots of investment opportunities. It is a historically significant place as it hosts among its many attractions, Workshops Rail Museum, Ipswich Art Gallery, steam trains, among others. With its 500 parks, it is a great retreat venue. You will enjoy local and international cuisine in the many eateries available in the town.

Effective Transport Solutions

Having been in the industry for years, we have sharpened our services over the years and now offer the best transport solutions. We provide an impressive range of ground transportation solutions. Our large fleet of carriers is presented immaculately always. You will quickly tell it apart from the rest. With a dedicated team of technical staff, the units undergo timely service and random regular check ups. No weather condition gets us by surprise. For the winter period, we have studded tires made to make way on the snowy roads gracefully.

Are you taking a road trip? Worry not. We have all you need on board. Our luxurious units are fully equipped to give you the best service on long travels. Recliner leather seats will give you complete backrest that you will not experience backaches that are common with prolonged bad sitting postures. To ensure free air circulation, we have chosen units with big windows. Some carriers have a sliding roof that helps bring in the more fresh air if there is a need. You can use it to get a better view of the surrounding when on the move too. With toilets on board and fridge to supply refreshments as cold you wish, you can only enjoy the journey.

Reach To Your Destinations

Our team is a collection of highly qualified, experienced and devoted individuals working for a common cause – your satisfaction. All the drivers not only have basic first aid knowledge but have also undergone defensive driving and intense customer service training. They are all locals and know the routes extremely well. We get you to your destination faster than you expected. Helping our clients with their bags is not part of their job description. But they do it anyway. The drivers go an extra mile to give you a smile.

If you want a car at your sheer convenience, we have the self drive service. You will get a vehicle according to your budget and preference; then you get a designated driver. We will avail a car at your convenience after a verification process to ascertain that you are qualified, competent and authorised to drive. We have thought of safety hence installed our units with GPS trackers. With constant communication enabled by our sophisticated equipment, we keep you company. Our response to distress calls is swift given that we have an ever ready response emergency unit.

Individual Travel Planning

Whether you are traveling as an individual or in a group of people, expect personal service. Our services are structured to fulfill your needs as a person. Do not worry. You will never be lost in a crowd. We offer individualised services and ensure that your transport needs are met to your satisfaction. Do you need any special services? We may not have captured every detail on our package offers. Just let us know what you need. We are flexible and will accommodate you or meet in the middle. Passengers with any form of disability, pregnant or elderly are given preeminence and use Express counters.

We have different capacity and package carriers. Browse through our website and have an idea of what to expect. While at it, check on our client feedback and see the glowing reviews. We are getting better by the day, and you will most likely enjoy our services more.

Affordable Minibus & Coach Hire

Coach Hire Ipswich boasts of the best prices in town. We not only lead the industry in service delivery but the best unbeatable prices and bargains as well. Log in and get our instant quote, then look around and compare with our counterparts. They are unmatched. See if our payment services accommodate you. We accept most global cards. Confirm with us if your card or payment mode is among the ones our organisation take. If not, we will work with you to explore other possible options. Eventually, we will find one that is best for our mutual benefit.

You can always book online. If what you need is complicated or detailed, call us so that we can get all the details right. For clarity, share your itinerary with us, and you will enjoy the particular service you will receive. Coach Hire Ipswich is committed to giving you safe, convenient, quality and cheap transport solutions. Get in touch for instant quotations.

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