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14 16 Seater Ipswich Minibus Hire

14 16 Seat Minibus Hire Ipswich

There is no better way to be inspired as students by some of the beautiful collection of art from Suffolk artists at Christchurch Mansion in the city, than traveling with our minibus. We make your trip enjoyable and more so comfortable and safe. Our fleet ( includes 16 and 14 seat minibus hire in Ipswich )comes with comfort in mind. All vehicles arrive with adjustable seats, refreshments, ample footrest space and air conditioner. We deliver a first-class hiring service at very competitive rates with no hidden charges. We have a broad range of vehicles in the latest models to suit different individual tastes and preferences.

Our minibus come in clean condition, and you will never experience a mechanical breakdown during the journey. The company runs maintenance at our garage on a monthly basis. We have an expert team of mechanics conducting the service and accurate safety measures before dispatching our fleet for trips. For additional security, we have secured safety belts and first aid kits on board and insurance cover policies. Also, we provide baby seats to the families traveling with children, and the driver will ensure the child lock system in the minibus is functional. The drivers adhere to the traffic rules, and they are polite to other motorists on the roads.

Do you intend to visit Holywells Park on a weekend afternoon with your friends? Our minibus is the ideal way to travel together full of fun and bonding. With plenty of much to enjoy at the park and activities for all ages to enjoy, our drivers are very patient, and they wait until you are through and takes you back. Alternatively, if a client opts for privacy, we offer the self-drive package. In case you agreed with the driver to drop and later come back for you, he arrives 10 minutes prior the arranged time or closing hours of the park. All our drivers are friendly, courteous, and prompt with time. They execute their duties with professionalism.

We cater for various events including corporate, sports, family tours, educational trips and much more. A learning institution sports team going for a tournament or a class traveling to Regent Theater for auditions in drama, opt for the 16 Seat Minibus. The fleet accommodates the entire team and the coach efficiently. The overhead storage space comes in handy for personal luggage and sports gears. Corporate directors visiting schools for motivational speeches consolidate the individual transport cost and travel with our 14 Seater Minibus. Being onboard as a group creates an ideal environment for discussions and sharing of ideas ahead of your program as a team. Also, we have power sockets and free internet allowing the directors make changes or draft own speech on the laptop.

With several years in the industry, we have earned excellent reputation from our customers for top notch services and customer care team. We have different attractive packages available for booking from our website or through a phone call. We offer services on a 24 hour and our customer care team on standby to take in all your queries. We help new clients in planning travel logistics on their behalf at no extra cost and provide you with a package that suits your needs and within your budget. Our aim is to make your travel experience with us the most memorable of all. With so many beautiful places to see and exciting things to do in Ipswich, we can help you experience them all in our luxury minibus. We love taking visitors and residents to all places they intend to visit as they enjoy the sights of Ipswich town along the way. Thank you for choosing Coach Hire Ipswich services.